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A 200 page book that completely revolutionizes the way golf is taught today offered for free... YES! We could write a book as to why today's golf "instruction" is ALL WRONG, especially for the "average guy" who cannot afford $1,000 a month in lessons. (It's a total disaster for those relying on books, magazines and TV shows for self-study which is 90% of us.) The way one MUST learn golf is more akin to the martial arts (or learning to play the piano) than in mastering other sports like basketball or football. Golf is a discipline that needs to be learned in precise steps. One cannot "move on" to step 5 until step 4 is mastered. Please see the tab below "about KFG" for all the details as to why this method WORKS and why the way people learn golf today is an "all over the place mess" that will get you nowhere. What have the accepted ways of teaching golf done for your game? Frustrated, SO WERE WE...

Drive the Ball Massively Long

Many will not have the time and dedication needed to take on Kung Fu Golf, so we offer an alternative route; learn to hit massive drives and HAVE FUN GOLFING! Lest we forget, golf should be fun. There is no better (or faster) way to inject new enthusiasm for the game than to increase your golf driving distance 30 to 50 yards off the tee. IF ANYONE PROMISES YOU MORE THAN 50 YARDS THEY ARE LYING TO YOU! However, taking an impressive drive of 240 yards up to 280 is a massive improvement. Most people just don't understand how far a 300 yard drive is. Those in the "19th" hole that claim they hit one earlier that day are, for the most part, telling fish stories. The Long Drive Academy course will show you the exacts steps, the exact path necessary, to massively increase your driving distance. More on the LDA course here and at

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Learn golf as a kung fu disciple, not like the masses spinning wheels chasing unrelated drills and tips.

What makes more sense to improve?

Unrelated tips and drills in no particular sequence... or taking the time to master step one before moving to step two?

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