The sport of golf can only be mastered if viewed as a discipline

Let us present the case for Kung Fu Golf. Once those serious about finding a high degree of competence in golf understand today’s existing paths to mastery make absolutely no sense, it frees one up to make serious gains and improvement. After reading this page you will have the epiphany we had, and understand you have been wasting your time. For some, 10 or 20 years in golf wasted! The Kung Fu Golf process changes everything because, like the study of any serious discipline, one cannot move onto step 12 before mastering step 11. It’s a systematic process that builds on top of itself and for a million average golfers, a clear path to mastery (finally!). The way golf is "taught" and "learned" by the masses today is best described as an "undisciplined mess." An array of unrelated tips, tricks, and "do-this-do-that" that ignores your body's natural rhythm. Where is the systematic process for precise learning? It never existed... until now (and the Kung Fu Golf Manual is FREE).


In any discipline there is a clear and structured path to mastery. In most sports there is not. You just go out and "play" as a child. Coaches later REFINE and improve students in team sports, but they don't pour a new foundation. THUS THE PROBLEM WITH GOLF. If your foundation is not laid property, everything on top of it is DOOMED. So, is golf more like soccer, or more like learning a foreign language?

If "all over the place" was the best way to learn a discipline, your Spanish teacher would have simply passed out Spanish comic books while showing re-runs of Telemundo Novelas on TV. Structure is essential. One does not progress to black belt without passing through the other belt colors FIRST.


Could you learn to play guitar by practicing one unrelated note at a time, never to play a song or even a chord?

What is the exact process for learning golf? What is the best path to mastery? Are you asking this question for the very first time and wondering why one does not exist? Well, there are many reasons why a clear path to mastery does not exist in golf and too many to discuss here. One basic reason is golf has been treated more like a sport than a discipline like Kung Fu, painting or even ballet. On the other side of the spectrum, conspiracy theorists would say the “powers that be” that exist in golf don’t want you to improve very much. If there was a clear and simple path to mastery (as there is with Kung Fu Golf) would you feel inclined to spend $320 on a new driver, or $800 for irons every few years? How about $45 for a pack of balls? For 95% of you it’s much easier to take out the gold card to improve one’s game than to put in the hard work and dedicated practice it really takes to improve. The problem is, taking out the gold card yields NO results.



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Finally, a clear path to success.

Are you tired of playing golf year after year and really not improving much? 

We can absolutely explain why, year after year, magazine after magazine, and even lesson after lesson you have not improved. It's time to think differently.

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