There is no cost whatsoever to download the Kung Fu Golf book in PDF format. You don't need a credit card number. You don't even have to give us your email address, but we ask for it so we can provide updates. Those that willingly provide an email address will never be spamed or have their email address sold. Please see our strict privacy statement that protects your email address.


The path to golf mastery is simple, but it's not easy.

There is a big difference.

Why have we made the entire Kung Fu Golf training manual, almost 200 pages of graphics and text, available for free download with no strings attached? The first reason...pure frustration. There are tens of millions of golfers around the world trying to play without a BASIC understanding of proper technique. Yes, tens of millions! If you are saying, "what's to understand... it's about hitting a little white ball not moving," then you don't understand. If you think you understand but your game stinks, your probably don't understand. SO WHY HASN'T ANYONE TAUGHT IT PROPERLY? THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF BOOKS AND MAGAZINES OUT THERE? WHAT MAKES THIS SO SPECIAL GENIUS! Well, we explore exactly why this is in the book. All we can say is, get the manual for free and you will see. Your investment, only time. There are reasons today's masters are terrible teachers. There are others that don't want you to improve much. We explore both.


Finally, we are giving the entire manual, and 5 years of hard work away for free, to prove ourselves so you consider buying the Long Drive Academy and other courses as we develop them. We also offer free videos on YouTube in support. For example, the learning chamber on "The Rhythm of Golf" is hard to describe in cold text. Could Michael Jackson tell you how to dance by writing you a report? Remember in the movie "Crouching Tiger," the Jade Fox could not understand the entire Wudang manual herself. The free videos are not only essential for full understanding, we include over 10 drills that are impossible to demonstrate in written text.


Why have we made the entire Kung Fu Golf training manual, almost 200 pages of graphics and text, available for free download? Well, we would like to say because we are simply out to help our fellow golfing brothers and will do anything it takes and spend unlimited amounts of our own money to make sure the millions of average golfers out there finally find a path to enlightenment. However true this is, the main reason is we need to give away the entire Kung Fu golf concept and 36 Chamber methodology in order for you to consider buying the Long Drive Academy and other courses as we develop them. WE HAVE TO PROVE OURSELVES! The Kung Fu Golf manual will "show you the way." Some of the concepts are clever. Others are so damn simple you will stop and ask yourself, "why didn't I think of that?" A  more disturbing thought many will have is, "why didn't any golf magazine, book,or TV instruction ever stress that!"


We uncover many techniques and strategies critical to golf mastery that you have never heard before, and even for those that have been presented in the past, they will have never been presented in a common sense fashion... in a way so the average golfer can finally understand and improve. As we have mentioned, up to this point the way golf has been taught has been for lack of better terms, "all over the place!"


Learning golf needs to be a precise series of steps, presented in an exact order. You don't build a house by constructing the roof first do you? Equating golf instruction TODAY to building a house we find this mess; They have you laying shingles on the roof; then hanging doors, then doing internal pluming. There is no structure to it. The Kung Fu Golf process using our house building metaphor finally makes sense. The foundation is laid. The walls are built. The roof is built. The siding is done, etc. Golf needs to both be learned and understood in a precise order or there can be no progress... no mastery. Thus we created the 36 Chamber approach.


Download the Kung Fu Golf Manual now, and share with a friend.

We not only hope you take our complete book for free, we hope you share it with as many friends as possible. If you are not that good a friend, buy THE LONG DRIVE ACADEMY COURSE and don't tell them how you now are able to out drive them by 20 yards. Walk up to your ball and look back at them laughing!



The PDF is very large. Please allow up to on minute to download the KFG manual

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