If you don't have the tremendous time and dedication necessary to go through the entire Kung Fu Golf process this year, you probably (still) want to hit the living shit out of the golf ball off the tee!  If you know the exact steps to take and what to focus on, you can increase your driving distance by 30 to 50 yards for most people.


If you are interested in taking this course please go to www.longdriveacademy.com now.


We can show you how to pick up 15 to 20 yards in just a few weeks of dedicated and serious practice, and we can explain these things to you in a way you can easily understand (finally!) If you want to go the whole way and get the +30 to +50 yards most people STILL HAVE IN THEM we won't lie to you, it will take a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. Anyone that promises 300 yard drives in a few tips, is a liar.


The Kung Fu Golf manual tells you want to do, and in the exact order. We apply the same type of process in the Long Drive Academy.


People will pull out the gold card and spend $300 on a new driver that makes promises, but never delivers... AND THEN THEY DO IT AGAIN 3 YEARS LATER WITHOUT CHANGING THEMSELVES.. BEYOND RIDICULOUS!


They buy books written by pros, $50 DVDs, and have 3 magazine subscriptions. Yet, have you ever met anyone running through the fairways with a raised magazine overhead proclaiming, "this article changed my game." No? Well the reason is, THESE THINGS NEVER DELVER.


Becoming a Kung Fu Golf master takes a lot of time, patience, and dedication. If you want more immediate results, (and there is nothing as satisfying as hitting a monster drive down the middle,) please take the Long Drive Academy course.


The Long Drive Academy Course has a single focus, massively long drives. It does NOT require nearly the amount of time or effort as Kung Fu Golf.

The Long Drive Academy Course delivers fast results based on Kung Fu Golf principles for learning a discipline (vs. a sport)

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